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Seamless Enterprise Device Management on a Global Scale

Enterprise Device management solutions
Our comprehensive suite of enterprise mobility management software gives enterprises the ability to simplify management, respond to global mobile trends, enhance security and compliance, and leverage mobility to maximize workforce productivity.

Leverage mobile productivity from the Cloud

Mobility is transforming your organization and your employees. Leveraging mobility effectively can help you grow your business, making your employees more productive, competitive and collaborative. To leverage that growing mobility, you need to manage all of the smartphones, tablets, apps and docs used by your employees, whether corporate or personal (BYOD), while ensuring strict data security and policy compliance.

Enterprise Mobility Manager is a comprehensive mobility management solution that centrally manages and secures all of your connected mobile endpoints, apps and content from a secure, high-performance cloud platform. With this solution, you can quickly gain control of your mobile deployments, secure your mobile assets, and address the changing needs of your mobile employees, leveraging a robust, cost-effective and proven solution that brings you a competitive edge as you mobilize.

Simplifying Management

Simplify Management
Manage enterprise mobility and security any time from anywhere with brandable, intuitive UIs and management dashboards and reporting

Respond to Global Mobile Trends

Embrace BYOD with the ability to remotely manage and secure enterprise and personal mobile devices in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and mixed mobile environments

Enhance Security and Compliance
Provide a highly secure data environment for the mobile workforce by managing and enforcing mobile usage, settings, security, and application policies

Maximize Productivity
Improve productivity, expand mobile workforce capabilities and accelerate time to value by streamlining management and support for mobile devices, apps and data

Simplifying Connectivity
Proven MDM leadership since 1999

Based on a proven MDM platform used globally by 50+ carrier & service-provider customers, serving millions of consumers and enterprises

  • More than 500 million mobile devices under management worldwide
  • Highly scalable, multi-tenant architecture, cloud-enabled and deployed globally
  • 30+ patents in mobile management technology

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